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5 Best car key programmer – Reviews and Buying Guide

The first electric key was introduced in the mid of 1990. And it brings a revolutionary change in the modern securing system. 

Now, it has becomes the most reliable safety hack to the car key programming. Typically, these fobs are widely known as transponder chip.

And you can program it within 30 minutes.  

As a result, you will get ultra-safety and a simple and intimate maintaining feature. 

So let’s see the most effective fobs and their functionalities. Below, I share the review of the top 5 best car key programmer. 

5 Best Car key programmer Review:

Preview Product Ratings Price
est version V33 key programmer sbb 4.9 Check Latest Price
Toyota G and H Chip Key Programmer 5.0 Check Latest Price
Aramox Auto Key Programmer  4.8 Check Latest Price
Autel MaxiIM IM608 Automotive OBD2 Scanner 4.8 Check Latest Price
Autek iKey820 – Automotive Key Programmer (Black) 4.9 Check Latest Price

1. est version V33 key programmer sbb:

About the product:

This V33 key programmer is one of the high-performing models and presents a vast number of extraordinary properties. 

The most attractive part is the language accessing capability. 

The device can easily access up to 9 variable languages. 

Another fact is super versatility. This device is adjustable with the maximum types of well-known brands. 

The weight is significantly lighter and comes with the ideal dimension. The features are advanced in formula, but easy to operate and user-friendly. 

Also, you will get several accessories for multi-purposes. These kits help to manage and monitor the vehicle function effectively. 

The manufacturer confirms you the ultimate safety and reliability. Here you will get a high-tech electronic parking facility with steering regulating property. This way, it enhances the mechanical capability of your automobile. 

The unit regulates and supports the function of spark plugs, coolant liquid, brake pads, and other components. 

Overall, it provides close monitoring process. 

Furthermore, you will get an alarming auto process. This property delivers the exact data and condition on the engine oil, tire pressure, and the exhaust system. 

You can easily update the system and include your data. And this device is trustable for long term use. 

2.JR Tool for Toyota G and H Chip Key Programmer Vehicle OBD Remote Key Programmer For Toyota G Device Smart Keymaker Toyota G and Toyota H Key Programming:

About the product: 

JR Tool is, particularly for Toyota models. The product is adjustable with G and H chip with the OBD2 port. 

It Programmed three transponder Keys with two fobs. Moreover, it is an high-effective code reader. 

Yes, the set-up and operating process are user-friendly and straightforward. But a remarkable downside is the provided manual guide is not informative. The users claim about the misleading instruction. 

The better option is setting it conventionally. And for serious issue ask the expert’s help. 

However, after the successful installation; you will enjoy the tremendous performance with the optimal durability.  

3.Aramox Auto Key Programmer Tool AK90+ V3.19 Match Diagnostic Tool Fitment for EWS AK90 KEY-PROG

About the product:

If you are on a budget, I recommend this model. Yes! Comparatively, this product is cheap. 

But you will enjoy quality service and durability as well. And this object is an excellent scanner tool. 

The downside is that the process wasn’t as simple as most of the videos on YouTube have you believe!

Typically, this key is a cooper convertible item. It effectively adjusts with the BMW EWS system fobs. 

It works well on EWS 2 and EWS 3 system. Also, the kit is friendly with the EWS 4. But the problem is the additional cable that you should solder on the targeted points. 

The instruction is quite simple and informative. And the manufacturer offers you color-coded cable for more inseminate operating system. 

4. Autel MaxiIM IM608 Automotive OBD2 Scanner All Systems Diagnotsic Tool with The Included IMMO Key Programmer XP400 and MaxiFlash ECU Reprogrammer Work On EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil Reset, BMS, TPMS Sensor ID :

About the product: 

This universal and advanced device presents you advanced and more effective essential programming process. 

Also, you will get the proper diagnostic and the latest services. 

The crucial part is it can regulate with android-based touch screen tablet. 

You can easily read the transponder data and get the update information. Also, you can read the IC card, ECU/ MCU, or EEPROM data. 

Even you can detect the remote frequency. This kit provides high-power OE type diagnostic. 

Here you will get ECU reprogramming feature, and it can easily connect to the PC. And the manual guide is very informative. 

You will enjoy the ultimate programming support. 

5.Autek iKey820 – Automotive Key Programmer (Black):

About the product: 

This model comes with easily accessible and straightforward operating features. And this device is suitable for the maximum types of vehicle. 

This auto transponder model is suitable for scanner auto, oil reset, airbag reset, etc. 

The best part is its auto-performing capability that reduces the extra manual effort. 

But the most remarkable fact is it can read and optimize the car’s pin code. Also, you will enjoy the ultimate control and monitoring process. 

And this gadget is quite durable and compact in design. You will enjoy a seamless parking facility. 

This mini key requires less calculation time. 

Tango key (A unique item): 

The kit is well-known for support Toyota. Here you will get repair software and battery reset options. And the tango programmer is highly competent in service with the extended level of durability. 

Universal car key programmer:

For your versatile application, I particularly recommend Autel MaxiIM IM608. Yes, you can adjust it with the maximum types of automobile. 

After the successful adjustment, you will enjoy the satisfactory performance for the long run. 

Also, you can consider master programmer and immobilizer programming tool for multifunctional-purposes. 

Car key programming software download:

The quality brand offers this specific facility. They provide a high-informative manual guide. Also, you will get helpful software. 

The installation of this software is simple and accessible to everyone. 

How to Program Car Keys?

Transponder programming solutions: 

Follow the given instruction step by step. 

Step 1: 

At first, access into the car with the key. Then insert it into the explosion.

Step 2

Now turn on the switch and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Step 3:

Ten minutes later, switch off the key immediately (Within 45 seconds). After that again turn on and leave it for 10 minutes. 

Step 4:

In the end, switch off the key again and back on. Now it is ready to use. 

This method is a simple way of programming. Yes, some vehicles have some specific and additional direction. But this process is fundamental and universal. 

Final verdict: 

This programming process follows a unique diagnostic tool. The method becomes popular with the car owner and auto locksmiths.  

And these face automobile fobs are quite useful, and the most common process of automobile programming. 

And you can ensure the high-grade security protocol. Cause, the thief cannot break the pin code for the complex security. 

In a word, the programming fob is a magical device and a vital kit for modern car safety system.