5 Best Programmer for 5.7 Hemi Ram – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021] - Car Tech Guide

5 Best Programmer for 5.7 Hemi Ram – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Chrysler Hemi engines are a constant series of V8 and 16 gasoline engine. These come with circular combustion chambers.

Here you will get 3 variable types Hemi engines. These include:

  • 1951- 1958 range
  • 1964 – 1971 range
  • 2003 – Today range

However, usually, a tuner is used to maximizes a vehicle’s performance level comparatively better and more effectively. Also, it helps to provide you with healing heavy load, racing and towing, and a smooth driving.

To get an initial idea, definitely, this discussion will be highly beneficial for you. So let’s get started.

Here we go:

5 Best Programmer for 5.7 Hemi Ram Comparison Chart [2021]

Preview Product Ratings Price
Bully Dog – 40417 4.9 Check Latest Price
Bully Dog- 40410 GT Gas Tuner 5.0 Check Latest Price
DiabloSport 9345 4.8 Check Latest Price
Hypertech 525024.8 Check Latest Price
Banks 66412 AUTOMIND 2 PROGRMR4.9 Check Latest Price

5 Best Programmer for 5.7 Hemi Ram Review [2021]

1. Bully Dog GT Gas 40417 (The best one):

The belly is an awesome tonner for classic engine type. This prominent model comes in a high-quality custom tune slot.

The interesting part is this device is well-known for its satisfactory Dyno performance. As a result, you will get a complete shitload parameter.

Also, you will like its auto door look attachment that reduces the manual effort. The provided AFM setting will ensure you advantageous fuel economy, and you will love its maintenance-free service.

Moreover, you will get BM with CAM-oriented rearm attachment. You will enjoy a smooth and reliable traction control facility.

Another great attachment is it includes a coolant temperature. Under the active fan, it used to indicate the overheating issue.

Furthermore, you can easily set the fog light and FDC connection. As a result, the engine will be fixed inaccurate position. Also, you will get adaptable transmission support.

To improve your engine oil life and reset it successfully, this feature is beneficial.

Even, you can get a complete connection between fuel and air ratio that is adjusted with throttle sensitivity.

As well you will get an excellent shift firmness attachment and incredible transmission system. Overall, this tool is fantastic and perfect for a smooth ride. This is one of the best diesel programmers.

Why is this tuner best for Hemi?

The GT Platinum Gas offers everything within a single device. This is a monitor, tuner, gauge, and diagnostic device simultaneously. It is capable of improving the utility of your vehicle dramatically.

The diagnostic functions are very effective for a user. It ensures a better fuel economy and increases horsepower. The most attractive feature is the monitoring options.

You can easily monitor everything that is related to performance. Versatility is another good part that makes the product more convenient.

2. Bully Dog 40410 GT Gas (Runner up):

To get an expected level of custom tune, this model is highly adorable and trustable too.

It offers you a well-organized axle ratio and nicely conned to lock front with variable 4WD tow. Even, you can toggle it with AFM connection, and you can set the timing easily.

Moreover, it included coolant temperature settings use as a warning device and helps to protect the overheating problem. And it is workable under the active engine fan.

Also, it is adjusted with FDC and MDS connection that helps to control the fuel ratio as well as engine efficiency. The increased horsepower makes the product more reliable.

In plus, to reset your engine oil and its longevity, the device is handy. For a safe and comfortable journey, it attaches with a particular instrument known as a speed limiter.

In plus, you are getting 2 sensors for proper airflow and exact fuel ratios. Additionally, you will enjoy super throttle sensitivity. It also improves fuel economy.

Another fact is its installation is relatively simple and requires remarkably less time. Overall, the device is highly practical and trustable to the end-users.

Things you will like:

  • Easy installation
  • Computer-based tuner
  • Wifi connection
  • Excellent diesel tuner
  • Reliable and effective


I did not notice any remarkable limitations or errors.

3. DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX (editor’s top recommendation):

This impressive device presents a high-tech screen attachment that helps to know the exact data. Moreover, you are getting quality sensors to clear the error code appropriately.

To get a perfect towing effect, this model is exceptionally useful and reliable for every vehicle owner.

You will get an excellent mileage facility and a high-grade power flush. As a result, you can enjoy superb fuel economy and friendly service for a longer time.

This is applicable for all sorts of vehicles and especially great for heavy truck freight. The product makes your vehicles more responsive and ensures smooth riding.

As well, its power level is tremendously higher, and you will love its excellent durability.

This advanced tuner also includes several new kits for a successful and easy installation. And the entire installation process is a simple DIY hack.

Also, you will get a bigger screen that delivers accurate data, and the provided sensors help to remove the error codes. This screen offers you super visibility with a high-tech graphics facility.

In general: Its properties are highly satisfactory and unique in performance. It also offers some adjustable features like transmission shift point adjustment.

Things you will like:

  • A. Made of resilient stainless steel
  • B. Perfect gas mileage
  • C. Great graphics service
  • D. Friendly performance
  • E. Straightforward set-up


It contains a certain amount of toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health as well as the environment.

4. Hypertech 52502 Max Energy Power Programmer (the most reliable name)

This model is a bit exceptional than conventional chips. Cause, it includes 3 sage booster attachments. Moreover, its installation is pretty straightforward and time-saving too.

This is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it quite durable and user-friendly. In plus, it is completely stained, and corrosion protected are the big reasons for its superior durability.

For an expected fuel economy with efficient gas mileage, this device is highly satisfactory and reliable for every automobile owner.

Moreover, its power flush, screen tuners, and other properties are also highly practical and cost-efficient too. And finally, All the performance features give you a great driving experience.

Overall, this is a pretty adorable and trustable chip. Its computed based functionality makes it an advanced type chip in the market competition.

Things you will like:

  • A. User-friendly
  • B. Effective and cost-efficient
  • C. Great power flush
  • D. Comes with dodge challenger
  • E. Superior edge evolution

5. Banks 66412 Automind 2 Programmer (Best performance chip for dodge ram 1500 hemi):

With a simple effort, you can make a complete and successful set-up that requires remarkably less time. (not more than a couple of minutes)

After that, you can enjoy its fantastic performance. It confirms your super gas mileage facility, and it connects to an excellent dodge challenger. It also ensures better gas mileage.

For complete edge evaluation, this performance chip is highly workable and offers you excellent serviceability. You can monitor any error code and clear it. This tuner makes all the features easier.

Also, you will get a powerful flush, dodge charger, dodge ram, and a great scanner. This is compatible with the maximum engine size and especially more useful for the Hemi engine.

In a word, this is a perfect performance tuner for every hemi truck and Hemi engine.

Things you will like:

  • A. Excellent diesel tuner
  • B. Tremendous performance
  • C. Super stability and longevity
  • D. Perfect for truck freight.

Final verdict:

All of these performance chips a great computer programmer and perfect to get the expected grade of fuel economy and better gas mileage.

For your Hemi engine, you can rely on these reviewed custom tuners. All of these items are available at a custom price.