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5 Best Programmer for 6.7 Power Stroke – Reviews and Buying guide [2021]

A programmer’s primary function is to optimize the fuel mileage and tweak the engine performance.

It improves the engine’s speed, capability, and the entire functionalities. (By improving horsepower, torque, proper fuel economy, etc.)

And when your automobile is 6.7 power stroke type; a quality tuner is more preferable to get expected drivability.

As a result, you can get proper boosting capability, and it will help to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

To make an efficient engine performance with high-grade power level; the following programmers are the top option for you.

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(Note: To know the exact market condition; this informative discussion will be highly beneficial for you)

Let’s take a look:

5 Best programmer for 6.7 power stroke Comparison Chart

Preview Product Ratings Price
Edge Products 85400 4.9 Check Latest Price
Banks 66410 AutoMind 2 Programmer 5.0 Check Latest Price
SCT Performance – 7015 4.8 Check Latest Price
SCT Performance – 40460S4.8 Check Latest Price
Edge Products 16040 4.9Check Latest Price

5 Best programmer for 6.7 power stroke Reviews:

  • Edge Products 85400 CTS2 Diesel Evolution Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke
  • Banks 66410 AutoMind 2 Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke
  • SCT Performance 7015 X 4 Power Flash Programmers
  • SCT Performance – 40460S – GTX Performance Tuner and Monitor for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke
  • Edge Products 16040 Evo HT2 Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke

1. Edge Products 85400 CTS2 Diesel Evolution Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke:

About the item:

This Evolution programmer is mainly designed for 6.7 liter Powerstroke application. ODBII programmer offers you a friendly and straightforward plug and plays operating system.

The specialty is it can read the DTC’s codes and removes the important data. Another fact is reasonably suitable for EAS settings. Also, you will get a color screen with a visual display attachment.

Its high-resolution capability gives you the clearest view. Additionally, the provided auto-dim features deliver the expected level of performance tests.

Moreover, its wifi connection and internet facility helps to keep you updatable.

And you will get a lot of accessories. You will get an awes0ome custom color mixer, backgrounds, and a couple of needles. These backgrounds are fully customizable.

Another specialty is it comes with high-tech HDMI plug attachment. Also, you will get a considerable number of EAS kits.

Overall, this comprehensive model is an ideal programmer for professional truck drivers.

You will get a noticeable shift point improvement as far as it provides you better fuel economy. Another cool feature is the readability of the gauges and the screen size.

Special facts:
A. Excellent exhaust system
B. Impressive dodge ram
C. Applicable for all types of ford trucks
D. Durable and trustable

2. Banks 66410 AutoMind 2 Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke:

About the item:

This is an excellent handheld tuner and an ideal option for Dodge Cummins, 6.7 L Powerstroke.

It presents a high-quality 2.8 inches color screen with a digital display attachment. This particular feature helps to improve the GUI effects and other functionalities.

But the most exciting part is you will get the expected grade of fuel economy and satisfactory performance. As a diesel tuner, you can use it for an F250 diesel engine.

Moreover, you can keep connecting to the internet that helps to get the latest information, and you will get a multi-functional scanning capability.

Also, you will get a simple monitoring facility with flexible readability. The chip is safe for power stroke, but a drawback I notice that it take a little bit of time for reflashing.

And its installment is reasonably quick and effortless. You will need a couple of minutes only for a successful set-up.

However, this device can support you for a long-time with optimal reliability. Yes! It is extremely durable. The advanced formula with resilient construction makes it one of the most high-profile programmers in the market today.

Special facts:
A. Impressive sct performance
B. Reliable
C. Comes with supportive kits
D. Excellent engine performance
E. flash programmer

3. SCT Performance 7015 X 4 Power Flash Programmers:

About the item:

This power flush tuner is a bit smaller, but you will like its super versatile character. Yes! This device is suitable for the maximum types of power stroke engines. Check the rail pressure as well.

It offers pre-DYNO Tues, and you can easily store up at least ten custom tunes. Even, you can download any sorts of SCT dealer.

Furthermore, you will get the fastest data logging and excellent readability. In this case, if you notice any error codes, you can fix it or remove it through the provided scanners.

Also, its controlled speedometer with adjusting gear improves the axle ratio, and the global spark property delivers the exact RPM ratings. To check the engine light and otter functionalizes, you will get an advanced quality intake valve.

In general; this tool I significantly effective and offers you impressive performance. Its friendly service, incredible versatility, compact design turn it one of the most adorable objects to the end-user. You can use it as a programmer for 7.3 Powerstroke.

Special facts:
A. Applicable for Cummins engine
B. Great throttle response
C. Better power flash
D. Quality performance parts

4. SCT Performance – 40460S – GTX Performance Tuner and Monitor for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke:

About the item:

SCT offers you a quick and straightforward fitting capability. Yes! Its set-up is relatively simple, and you will enjoy this DIY hack. Moreover, this is a Plug and play device. That means, its moving process is remarkably smooth and user-friendly.

You will get a color monitor display, and the suggested scanner helps to eliminate the troubleshooting codes. It can connect to the SCT system directly, and you will get the internet facility to keep an update.

To get additional support, the mentioned properties are highly advantageous.

Another fact is its preloaded performance support an effective custom tune, and you will like its secure attachment. And its advanced monitor settings do not require computer support.

The installation process is simple and comparatively faster than other models.

Even, its loading speed is controllable and a friendly performance chip for a newbie. Overall, this impressive device is fit for the maximum sorts of Ford vehicles.

Special facts:
A. Perfect evolution programmer
B. Advanced monitor settings
C. SCT system
D. user-friendly

5. Edge Products 16040 Evo HT2 Programmer Tuner for 2015 6.7 Powerstroke:

About the item:

This is another handheld performer of our list. To get the required level of fuel mileage and expected to tow capabilities, this device is highly practical and trustable too.

You will get standard quality DTC read, and you can easily clear the defected codes via scanner. The specialty is it offers you 3 caned tuning effects. These are:

A. Tow tune: Horsepower +72 and 203 lb-ft
B. Economy tune: Horsepower +43 and 134 lb-ft
C. Extra HP tune: Horsepower +106 and 314 lb-ft

Another exciting part is you can install it within a minute. This quick and DIY installation method makes it unique and adorable than its competitors.

Moreover, the speed control feature ensures a smooth and safe driving guarantee. Also, you will get a quality monitor engine with advanced type transmission parameters.

And this classic model comes in a standard price tag and delivers a pretty solid performance. This Powerstroke tuner would be a great option for a 6.7 power stroke engine.

Special facts:
A. Ford diesel
B. Powerstroke tuning
C. Straightforward installation
D. EGR system
E. box performance

Required specification for a 6.7 L Powerstroke :

1. Bore: 3.90 inches
2. Stroke: 3.90 inches
3. Cylinder: Aluminium
4. Primary horsepower: 390 hp
5. Adaptable Horsepower: 400 hp
6. Torque: 800 lbs.-ft

Even, you can use it for composed diesel engine, and you will notice a remarkable change in your engine performance.

What can you tune?

You can apply the tuning effect on variable parts of electrically controlled PCM.

Typically it includes:

  • Camshafts
  • Cold air intake
  • Cylinder head
  • Fuel injector
  • Full exhaust
  • Headers
  • Intake manifolds
  • Nitrous functions
  • Gear changing

Classification of performance tuner:

Usually, it is classified into 3 categories.

A. Canned: A generic type chip and easily adjustable
B. Custom: Particularly a written-based tune.
C. DYNO: The most advanced one and highly effective

How does a performance tuner work on the 6.7 l Powerstroke?

A. MPG Improvements:

Mileage is related to efficient burn duel; average speed, ambient temperature, idle time, etc. Usually, the single wheel trucks give 16 to 18 MPG per stroke.

B. Tuning Expectations:

It depends on the following criteria:

  • Lock-up technique
  • Quick shifting
  • Entire temperature

You have to concern about the emission issue as well. Cause, it hampers the speed, power, and the entire performance.

Buying guide:

Before purchasing a performance chip; keep the focus on the following 5 facts.

A. Speed controlling capability:

It must have an advanced quality speedometer to control the speed and ensures safe and comfortable riding.

B. Power flush and quality scanner:

The power flush provides you proper readability, and the included scanner is essential for removing the unique codes and data.

As a result; you can take the exact information.

C. Great mileage:

For fuel economy, this point is quite crucial. Better mileage is possible only from the quality engine. And the classy tuners make an engine high-functioning and improve the fuel economy.

D. Horsepower, torque, and throttle response:

A useful class chip delivers proper throttle response, and it maximizes the torque and horsepower tremendously. This is highly advantageous to improve the power limit as well as engine longevity.

E. Others:

Also, check the current price, users’ reviews, and take the expert’s suggestion. Make sure you get corrosion-protected good function performance programmer.

Final verdict:

Before upgrading the engine with your aftermarket parts, consider a high-profile turner. It will intensify the performance level remarkably higher, and you will like the effective result.

And for this necessary service; the mentioned goods are extraordinarily beneficial and ideal for your 6.7 l Powerstroke vehicle. So, pick the best programmer for 6.7 Powerstroke.

Its successful installation with perfect utilization will deliver you the expected performance, and you will enjoy your driving as well.