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How to make a Truck Faster – Detailed Guide [2021]


Typically, the truck from the profound manufacturer ensures you a satisfactory performance

And you will enjoy a specific grade of speed and smooth ride as well. 

But if you want more efficiency, more quality performance, overall an extra level of speed, you should consider some significant updates. 

The exciting part is we are going to show you how to make a truck faster with several modifications. Use the best lift kit for Toyota Tacoma to keep the balance right.

Part A: Improving Horsepower and torque:

Cheap ways to increase Horsepower in a truck:

The first thing we notice that maximizing Horsepower and torque is the crucial requirement. 

Yes, these two facts play a vital role in getting a superior grade of fastness. That’s why let’s see how to enhance the Horsepower of a truck.

Using a cold air intake: 

Upgrading the CAI is the most effective and most natural method to gain the required level of hp. 

The specialty is the cold air is remarkably densely. And you know that the engine performance mainly depends on the air inhaling process. 

At first, it blends it with fuel to generate power. The fact is the denser air produces more power. 

Moreover, it reduces unwanted turbulence and airflow. 

That’s why the cold air intake system becomes more accessible to the maximum SUV driver. 

But a disturbing fact is it makes excess noise. 

However, get the quality item from a reputable manufacturer and enjoy the ultimate result. 

If you upgrade the cold air intake and use a tuner, your vehicle will be very responsive and become faster.

Throttle body: 

You must install a large diameter throttle body. 

Cause, its main factor is regulating the airflow. In this case, the more massive object with bigger flaps helps to get more airflow to enhance the HP rating. 

This way, you will get the fastest acceleration. If you use a good quality programmer, it will help you to get a quicker throttle response.

Exhaust headers: 

Adding the exhaust header is another crucial factor to increase Horsepower and torque efficiency. 

The exhaust system helps to eliminate the toxic air. And the research shows that the long-tube headers are more efficient in this purpose. 

That means you will get an extra grade of efficiency within the lower RPM rate. 

Install a catalytic converter: 

This unit makes a chemical reaction to reduce the emission rate. The fact is it performs faster, and you will get instant results. 

Adding a cat-back exhaust unit: 

This unit gives the necessary support to the catalytic system. That means you have to place this unit behind the catalytic converter.

Part 2: Gasoline Considerations:

In this case, I will suggest you use mid-grade gasoline to improve vehicle performance. 

Also, it helps to keep the truck parts safer and ensures durability. 

Part 3: Tune up your pickup van: 

Yes! Now a day, tuning the heavy-duty vehicle becomes a popular trend. Cause, it improves your automobile performance remarkably higher. 

The exciting fact is several types of tuners are available today. And the high-quality tuners are highly beneficial to maximize the truck’s speed. 

These items are simple to install and offer you an intimate operating process. 

Part 4: Air Induction Systems:

In two different ways, you can add the forced air unit. 

  • Turbocharger 
  • Supercharger 

Yes! Both of these two systems are quite expensive. But for maximizing your truck speed, this upgrade is highly effective. 

So let’s see a bit more about these two units. 

Turbocharger :

Typically, it is used in a gasoline engine. The fact is it maximizes the combustion power in every cylinder. 

The initial task is spinning the turbine to clean it and provide more airflow. This way, it enhances the fuel ratio and makes the engine more powerful. 


It provides you the indirect engine support. This item is used on gear, belt, chain, and many other parts. 

The primary duty is to make these parts smoother and faster to improve engine performance. 

Part 5: Leveling and lifting: 

A lift kit or leveling kit is another crucial element to make your truck faster. Cause after the perfect mounting, you will get excellent ground clearance. 

And this helps to enhance the vehicle’s speed and smooth-riding as well.

Upgrade to performance air filters:

An air filter can impact the air intake system. That’s why you need to change it regularly. Typically, it increases airflow and filters dirt and other materials.

How do you get a Cummins to blow smoke?

For an old Cummins, you can cut off the muffler and un a straight pipe. Then set up an STC tuner that produces great power and blowing black smoke.

Final verdict: 

Now it is clear that maximizing the truck speed is not a difficult task at all. But you have to prefer the safer process. 

And in this content, we share several tricks to enhance your vehicle speed remarkably higher. 

So implement these hacks and enjoy the feedback.