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Jet Performance Chips Reviews and Buying Guides [2020]

When it comes to picking a performance chip, the JET Performance chip should be your prime choice. This fantastic product guarantees optimal performance and friendly service for the end-users. This performance chip is highly advantageous for you to get effective feedback. After a simple plug-and-play installation, not every company will offer an additional 23 HP, […]

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Top 5 Best programmer for 6.0 Powerstroke – Reviews And buying Guides

Tuners and programmers are both designed to improve the output power of your vehicle’s engine. Power programmers and performance tuners not only deliver great horsepower and torque boosts but also help the engine run more efficiently that increase your MPGs. Performance tuners contribute to making the most of the iconic Powerstroke 6.0L engine. The Powerstroke […]

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Best chip for 7.3 Powerstroke – Reviews An Buying Guides [2020]

The right chip will increase horsepower, torque, pace, and more to your vehicles. The best part is that these useful tools are easy to install and only take a few minutes to charge before they completely reinvigorate the engine of your vehicle. In this post, we are going to take a look at the best […]

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Top 5 Best programmer for 5.3 Silverado- Reviews and buying guide

A couple of tuners and programmers are available today that used to boost up your Chevy Silverado 5.3 spontaneous performance. But when it comes to picking a quality one, which is the best programmer for 5.3 chevy? Usually, a performance programmer and calibration feature are mainly designed to customize a vehicle`s power, capability as well […]

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How to make a truck faster

Typically, the truck from the profound manufacturer ensures you a satisfactory performance.  And you will enjoy a specific grade of speed and smooth ride as well.  But if you want more efficiency, more quality performance, overall an extra level of speed, you should consider some significant updates.  The exciting part is we are going to […]

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